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What the blog is:

When we decided to embark on our trip around the world, we knew we wanted a way to memorialize the whole experience and share it with friends, family, fellow travelers, and anyone out there who might be interested.  It is a once in a lifetime experience and we’re doing our best to savor, enjoy and (when we can) capture every moment. Just about every day we’ve woken up thrilled to be doing what we’re doing. In this blog, we will share the preparation required for planning a trip around the world and chronicle our experiences daily while we travel.  We are excited to share our adventures, both big and small, and give helpful hints for anyone who may be planning their own trip!

Who we are:

Round The World With Brooke and Phil
We learned how to pour the Perfect Pint at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland

Brooke and Phil are an awesome, adventure seeking married couple in their early 30’s who have resided in New York City for the past six years.  Brooke has been teaching English to 8th grade students for eleven years.  For the first time, she will not be starting the school year in September, but she believes this will be the trip of a lifetime, and so taking some time off from teaching will be totally worth it.  Phil is a self-proclaimed marketing and promotions guru who loves all things social and media (if not all things social media).  He is born to be a quiz master or game show host, but until that comes along he has been working as a project manager and is excited to see where his career will go next.

Brooke and Phil Traveling The World

Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset

We are probably best known to our friends and family as “those people who have the adventures.”  That is, the NYC Big Adventure.  For the past five years, while living in New York City, we have organized and hosted a series of Big Adventures which are designed to show even long-time New Yorkers things they may not have seen in their city.  We strive for each Adventure to be cheap, social and unique to New York.  We had the pleasure of organizing 16 Big Adventures in our time here and by doing so have fostered our love of the city, and passion for discovering new things, and the joy we find in hanging out with our friends.

For now, we are putting the NYC Big Adventure on hiatus to embark on what is sure to be our biggest adventure yet.  We are so excited to learn new things about ourselves and the world as we travel to places we’ve never been before and may never go to again. Our itinerary is scheduled to take us to over 20 countries starting in New Zealand and ending in Argentina. Along with several long haul flights, we’ll be traveling via rental cars, trains, “Maxi Taxis”, public transit and more buses than you can shake a stick it. We’ve got one eye on our budget and the other on our next step. And the only thing we enjoy more than a cold beer after a day of hitting the city streets exploring is hearing from people who read our blog. Feel free to drop us a line here! Onward…

Great Googly Moogly! It’s 20 Euro!


3 thoughts on “All About The Traveling Duo

  1. Gina

    So excited for you guys! And can’t wait to meet up with you in Budapest!

  2. Hello! I found out about your trip to Romania/Bucharest from I’d love to meet you guys and show you a little around the city. 🙂

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