Making new friends from New Zealand to Chile

Strangely, one of the more regular questions that I’ve gotten when telling people of our trip is, “Is your wife going with you?” Even more peculiar, I’m pretty sure I open the conversation by saying “My wife and I are leaving to take a trip around the world.” Confounding. Brooke suggests that it’s the way I’m saying it. Who knows. To each their own and what not, but, yeah, this is a trip built for two and I couldn’t imagine making this trek without Brooke.

That being said, the only person that I’m going to know once our first flight leaves from LAX is Brooke and the only person Brooke will know is me. We’re anticipating meeting new people in just about every city – fellow travelers & locals alike – to trade travel stories, learn about the places were visiting and just pick up some new world views. Maybe even a crew we can travel with for a few days or at least close down a bar one night. However, making new contacts isn’t always easy. We decided that we needed some sort of leave behind. A legitimate looking calling card that will work better than a Facebook URL scribbled onto a bar napkin.

Enter Moo—business cards with attitude and home to some really creative designs and novel ways to say hello. We each decided to get 100 high-quality cards with nothing more than our name, some sort of clever identifier and e-mail address. Because, really, what else is anyone going to need? Simplicity the key:


RTW Calling CardCrazy Business Card Deesign

Giant PGiant P

We used Promotional Code/Discount Code 2RB2CK, but that may expire soon.

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2 thoughts on “Making new friends from New Zealand to Chile

  1. YES! Love this – completely superb idea. Moo is the jam. Your mini giant head card is from Moo.


  2. You were actually one of our inspirations to even check out Moo! We just picked up our cards yesterday. They looks great! We love the detail and thickness of ’em. May be a touch expensive, but we think they’ll leave a lasting impression. Ah, I miss the giant heads: Toaster, Hopper, Digby and Frank. Hope they’re doing well.

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