Hardest Part about Leaving New York

It is official.  We no longer live in New York City.  Actually, we no longer live anywhere—we are homeless. As we drove the 11 hours to Cincinnati today, we had a lot of time to reflect on our time in New York and where our future will take us, both with the trip and beyond it.  Here is what I have realized.

The most difficult thing about making the decision to go on a trip around the world and leave New York is not quitting our jobs or giving up our apartment.  That was actually pretty easy.  The hardest part was leaving our friends.  Last night, we spent what has to be the perfect final evening in New York City.  Phil and I went to Moran’s to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary (this was the spot where we had our wedding reception).  Then we went to meet up with our friends for one more beer (or 3) before heading out of town in this morning.

Final Friends Farewell

As an adult, I know that friends are precious.  Good friends are surprisingly hard to make…it isn’t like it was when we were kids and you became friends with the kid next door because they were there.  We’ve always found that in a city as large as New York, it is really easy to meet people, but it is a whole lot harder to find people with whom you make a lasting and meaningful connection.  We have been so lucky.  We have made friends here in the last few years that I can’t imagine not seeing on a weekly basis.  When you live in a city like New York, with little to no family to spend special occasions with, your friends become your family.  Our friends are our family and saying goodbye to them was so much harder than I anticipated.

Here’s the thing—I know last night was not really goodbye.  Friendships are always changing.  Of course, things will be different.  They have to be.  However, I am sure some of the friends who I’ve gotten to know during my time in New York will be friends for the rest of my life.  I am so glad for that.  I will miss them so much…more than I even realized.  Last night was wonderful, but also incredibly hard, only because I love them deeply.  I know we will see them soon and we are already anxious to catch up with them, tell them all our new stories and hear all of theirs.  Honestly, that day can’t get here soon enough!


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2 thoughts on “Hardest Part about Leaving New York

  1. dreweastmead

    Well said =) very true about your friends becoming your family in the city.

  2. So incredibly proud of you. Miss you tons. Can’t write more. Crying makes it hard to see. You know how I get. You’re one in a million. So’s your fine lady.

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