It’s always a good time

Greetings from the YHA Hostel in Taupo, New Zealand. Brooke and I just wrapped up a home made dinner and some time in the community lounge watching, of all things, Adam Sandler’s “Grown Ups” with some fellow travelers. Taupo brings us the smallest room stay to date (you might have to step outside to change your mind), but it is clean, cozy, comfortable and friendly so it will work out nicely. We are learning that we prefer hostels and services like AirBnB to hotels since they have kitchens, community areas and a more unique atmosphere. Besides, when you’ve seen one Hampton Inn room, you’ve probably seen them all.

Maps getting us from place to placeToday was mainly a travel day which meant a day of Vela trekking through some towns and some more windy roads in a bit of unrelenting rain past plenty of contented sheep. Driving in the rain makes us sleepy, but State Route 1 took us through plenty of small interesting towns. For example, we drove through a town called Bulls which has a sign welcoming us to (this is true): “Bulls – A town like no udder.” They also had garbage cans that said “Be Responsi-bull.” Hah! You know I love a good pun. The time in the car is always scenic since the terrain changes every 150 miles. Today, we drove through the “desert road” section of the North Island, which was mostly just brown. Not so much with sand. Our spaceship also took us past Mt. Tongariro which had erupted last week but is quiet now. Hoping to avoid a bunch of that. As Brooke keeps saying, while it would make for a good travel story, we don’t need a story that good!

The Silver Fern -Painted on the table at our Hostel

The Silver Fern -Painted on the table at our Hostel

Our New Zealand discoveries continue. This week, we’ve happened across Vogel bread and Vogel cereals which is the pride of the Kiwis. Native to New Zealand, it is beloved and delicious. We also learned that “Old Blighty” is an excellent slang term for England. Yup, when we come home, we’re going to be those people who refer to garbage as rubbish, calling someone as ringing someone and England as Old Blighty. Oh, and from now on, a Zip Line is a Flying Fox. That’s right. I’m also learning about rocker Johnny Devlin – New Zealand’s hip-swinging answer to Elvis Presley in he 1960’s.

Look! A Gum named after me!

Check it out! The kind people of New Zealand and Wrigley’s have named a chewing gum after me!

Wanted to end the post today with something a little bit different. Below are some YouTube videos (sorry e-mail subscribers–you’ll have to go to to view these) of sites we’ve seen in New Zealand that just quite weren’t the same in photos. Something to mark our second to last night in New Zealand!


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9 thoughts on “It’s always a good time

  1. erinbrachlow

    Great videos – it’s good to see you guys!

  2. Joel Phillip Kollin

    Two things for Japan…. (if still true)

    1. The basements of Departments stores are devoted to prepared food. To a barbarian like you it will all be a tantalizing mystery.

    2. The protocol was that the first shoppers of the day get treated to a lot of bowing at the entrance and throughout the store. A real treat.

    Bet you can’t wait to spend another 16 hours flying!

  3. Waz

    good quality videos. whatever device you used does well.

    • Thanks! We’re using the point-n-click digital camera we bought for the trip- The Canon Powershot S100. It’s been great. Just wish I knew how to use some of the manual functions a bit better!

  4. Anonymous

    Videos are awesome! Thanks for sharing. =) kMillz

    • KMillz2010,

      Excellent! Glad you like! We thought that they were a nice little sample of what we’ve seen…

  5. Anonymous

    Nice job with the writing. Is Wellington, New Zealand where the famous “Beef Wellington” originated?

    • Tyler Webb

      Guess, I should have put my name with the Beef Wellington question.

      • Hey Tyler,

        Awesome to hear from ya! Glad you’re enjoying the writing. You know, I kind of asked that same question about Beef Wellington. But I’m pretty sure that Wellington is an old English city name for which the New Zealand capitol was named. Either way, no signs of Beef Wellington anywhere when we were there. Think it’s just a coincedence…plenty of lamb though. Sheep Wellington, maybe?


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