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A few video clips and leaving Asia

Well, we’ve reached a small milestone on our Round The World trip. Today, we officially close the book on the Asia and Pacific portions of the trip and head west to Northern Europe. We’ve got some amazing photos, sensational stories and our passports are starting to fill up with stamps the colors of the rainbow. The list of countries we’ve visited so far includes New Zealand, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore. Not too shabby. We have some mixed feelings about leaving Asia. We’re pumped to see what we’ll get up to in Copenhagen (and eager for any suggestions!), but it’s a bittersweet ending to our time in that section of the world.

We sort of fell in love with several of the places we visited and wish we had a bit more time to explore and dive in. So, I guess that just means we’ll have to plan a return trip down the road. One thing is for sure: it will be nice to get a break from the heat! Now, we fly halfway around the world (again) on an overnight flight in business class on Air France from Singapore to Paris and then Paris to Copenhagen. Monsieur! Monsieur! More Champagne, si’l vous plait! Time for a new country, a new region and even a new continent but that also means, sigh, so long Asia.

We also wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has been checking out our Luggage Tags travel journal. It’s great to be able to share our big trip with our friends, family and the world and we’re thrilled that people seem to be digging it. We seem to gain a few new followers every day. It’s been cool to watch the blog grow and we get a kick out of each comment someone leaves (we do our best to respond to each comment!). As a reminder, if you are so inclined to follow the blog or get an e-mail when we post our daily update, you can click the link in the column to the right to follow.

As we shift gears on our trip, we thought we’d shift gears on our blog by posting some of our favorite video clips from the last few weeks shot with our trusty Canon S100 digital camera. (Sorry e-mail subscribers – you’ll have to click on the images to open up a new page). If you want to see any of our past videos, you can click here to see all of our videos on the You Tube page. As always, we can’t wait to see what’s next!


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